All your points in one place

Point Manager keeps track of your points for any state, species, and application type – all in one central location. Track different point types for the same state and species as needed.

Automatic and Manual Point Tracking

Point Manager integrates with DrawScout’s Application Planner to automatically track unsuccessful draws and point purchases.

Existing points and points from manual applications can be added for any state.

Automatic Point Reset

Were you successful in a draw? Congratulations! Just mark your application successful in Application Planner, and your points will be reset to zero in Point Manager.

Bonus and Preference Points

Some states use both Bonus and Preference Points for the same species or application type. Point Manager will separate your points when needed.

Track by Application Type

Not every state tracks points by species. Points can be tracked by application type (sex, method of take, etc.) for states that use this method.

Supported States – Automatic Tracking

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho*, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico*, Utah, Wyoming

*Supported by Application Planner but state does not use a point system.

Supported Species

Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Moose, Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Bison

Manual Point Entry

Manual point tracking is supported for all 50 states and any species.

Watch Demos

Play Demo Video - Application Planner Overview
Application Planner Overview
Play Demo Video - Point Manager
Point Manager
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Hunt Codes
Application Planner: Hunt Codes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Share a Plan
Application Planner: Share a Plan
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Notes
Application Planner: Save Notes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Custom Manual Applications
Application Planner: Custom Applications

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