The hub of your application season

Plan your applications, make your tag choices, choose your hunt areas, and pick your season dates. Application Planner contains automatic application and tag data for eight supported states, and supports manual applications for all states.

Estimate Costs

Quickly understand your license costs, application fees, tag costs, and processing fees. Estimated costs are broken into easy-to-understand totals:

Total Upfront Costs
Total if Successfully Drawn
Refunds if Unsuccessful

Share Plans

Not everyone enjoys putting an application plan together. Quickly share your plan with your hunting party, friends, and family via PDF or email.

Create Application Parties and invite others to view or import your application plans. Track each other’s progress throughout the offseason.

Save Notes

Add multiple notes to each application as you do your research. Save information about units, application processes, and any other information you may need.

Track Points

Applications integrate directly with Point Manager to automatically track points for unsuccessful draws and point purchases.

View Upcoming Dates

Quickly view upcoming application openings, deadlines, and draws for your applications.

Get Notifications

Receive email notifications about important upcoming dates and other state information.

Return Tags

Understand season overlap and tag returnability before you apply. Know your refund options.

Import Applications

Import applications from the previous year or from another user in your Application Party.

Manual Applications and Licenses

Custom Manual Applications and Licenses are supported for all 50 states.
Enter your tag information and complete your plan.

Automated Application Data & Point Tracking – Supported States

Automated application data (costs, tags, units, dates, and more) and automated point tracking are currently supported in nine states:
Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

Watch Demos

Play Demo Video - Application Planner Overview
Application Planner Overview
Play Demo Video - Point Manager
Point Manager
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Hunt Codes
Application Planner: Hunt Codes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Share a Plan
Application Planner: Share a Plan
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Notes
Application Planner: Save Notes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Custom Manual Applications
Application Planner: Custom Applications

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