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Build your applications in Application Planner, track your points in Point Manager, and understand your schedule with Calendar. Learn more about DrawScout’s features:

DrawScout Application Planner

Application Planner is central to making your offseason a success. Build out your applications with automatic or manual data, receive alerts, and track your results.

DrawScout Point Manager

Point Manager integrates directly with Application Planner to automatically track point purchases and unsuccessful draws. Manual entry is also supported for all states and species.

DrawScout Calendar

Calendar helps you get a handle on potential upcoming hunting seasons and application dates. Understand openings, deadlines, and potential tag overlap before you apply.

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Play Demo Video - Application Planner Overview
Application Planner Overview
Play Demo Video - Point Manager
Point Manager
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Hunt Codes
Application Planner: Hunt Codes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Share a Plan
Application Planner: Share a Plan
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Notes
Application Planner: Save Notes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Custom Manual Applications
Application Planner: Custom Applications

I enjoy the strategy that goes into application season. The spreadsheets and calendars — not so much. DrawScout makes it all simpler. And my unorganized hunting party appreciates how easy it is for me to share my plan.


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