Feature Update: Improvements to Hunt Codes

December 20, 2022 by DrawScout

We have made some changes and improvements to how hunt codes (or hunt numbers) work in the DrawScout Application Planner. Check out the details in this article and watch a demo video.

Demo - Application Planner: Hunt Codes

Application Planner Updates

Improvements to the Hunt Codes feature include:

  • More accurate suggested hunt codes based on your tag information.
  • The ability to enter a hunt code and auto-populate your tag choice.
  • Support for Tag Types in Wyoming.
  • Support for hunt codes on point purchase applications — and auto-populating of these hunt codes when possible.

Watch a Demo

For a full demo of how hunt codes work in DrawScout’s application planner, watch our demo:

Plan Your Applications in DrawScout

DrawScout can help you prepare for all of the application seasons around the country. Check out this article to learn more about our toolset:

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