What is DrawScout and how can it improve your application season?

November 22, 2022 by DrawScout

DrawScout is a hunting application manager that helps hunters plan, track, and share their hunting applications. It works alongside your favorite application strategy websites or data from conservation departments. In this article, we walk through how DrawScout’s toolset can help during the offseason.

Elk Bugling

Application Season: The second-best time of the year.

Every winter and early spring, we begin looking forward to the upcoming hunting seasons throughout the year. Creating a solid application strategy is a nice distraction as we wait for hunting seasons to start, and sets hunters up for success later in the year.

Drawing tags in prime hunting areas continues to become more and more difficult. To maximize chances of being drawn, hunters must consider point creep, draw odds, declining or increasing game populations, hunting pressure, any changes to the number of tags available, and more.

All of this information is available through states’ conservation departments or curated by other websites. DrawScout works alongside your favorite application strategy services or data from conservation departments.

How does DrawScout help?

While putting together your plan in January, February, or March, many application periods might not open for months. Enter your tag choices into DrawScout, and not only will they be readily available when it’s time to apply, but you’ll also bring your entire application and hunting seasons into focus.

DrawScout helps you see estimated hunting application costsseason overlap, and important deadlines. In addition, DrawScout will automatically (or manually) track your points purchased, earned, or used. And we help you easily share your plan with others.

Estimated Costs

DrawScout Application Planner - Overview page
DrawScout Application Planner Overview

Most of us have limits to what we can spend each year. DrawScout shows you cost estimates and possible refunds so you have a good understanding of what your hunting season might cost. If you’d like to really nail down your budget, you can add custom costs such as trespass fees, lodging, and more.

Important Upcoming Dates & Email Reminders

DrawScout will display important upcoming dates related to your applications. We’ll also send you email reminders when an application period opens or is about to close.

Automated (and Manual) Point Tracking

DrawScout Point Manager
DrawScout Point Manager

In supported states, DrawScout can automatically track your point purchases or awarded points. We’ll also zero out your points when you are successful in a draw. For other states, manual entry allows you to keep track of your points in one central place.

Calendar of Seasons & Deadlines

DrawScout Hunting Calendar
DrawScout Calendar

While juggling multiple tags in multiple states, it’s easy to end up with scheduling conflicts and overlapping seasons. DrawScout’s calendar allows you to see overlapping tag dates. Application Planner shows you tag returnability information – because yes, it’s possible to draw too many tags.

Share Your Plan

DrawScout Application Planner - Export to PDF or Email
DrawScout Application Plan – Export to PDF or Email

We know not everyone puts in the same amount of research as our subscribers. If you have friends or family who just want the hunt codes, you can quickly export your plan to a PDF or share it via email.

More to come

DrawScout was originally created for a small group of friends and family members. Features were continually added over time, and registration was opened to the public in 2022.

In keeping with our roots, subscribers will have the opportunity to provide input on existing features and request new ones. We hope to continue creating something that helps our community have a successful off-season every year!

Watch Demos

Play Demo Video - Application Planner Overview
Application Planner Overview
Play Demo Video - Point Manager
Point Manager
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Hunt Codes
Application Planner: Hunt Codes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Share a Plan
Application Planner: Share a Plan
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Notes
Application Planner: Save Notes
Play Demo Video - Application Planner Custom Manual Applications
Application Planner: Custom Applications
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